Welcome to Our Association Website
 We are a non profit group of career professionals with a goal of networking, helping other Stylists here in Wisconsin, other US states, and even internationally!  
We do this by continuing our grooming education, and by working together for high standards for the grooming industry in which we work.  
We strongly urge our members to exercise your voice by writing us or calling us to give your ideas, concerns and opinions so that our membership can grow and our (your) goals can be achieved.   
Membership in our Association conveys to all persons that a sincere concern is had by you to offer caring and professional service at all times in a place of business and that you take your career seriously enough to continue to learn, to work towards a support network, to share your knowledge with others, and genuinely believe in the help that fellow professionals are able to give in return.  Our group holds meetings and learning seminars, certification classes, grooming competitions, sends in Association responses to local legal issues regarding our industry, and offers an outlet for stylists to voice their concerns and share their ideas.  Together providing the camaraderie and professionalism that this industry needs to continue to grow and thrive.                 
So, we welcome and invite you- and we thank you for your interest!   
Benefits for all members include:

           -provides career placement and relocation referrals for stylists within our                       membership to find quality jobs at reputable salons
           -nearly immediate support for stylists who have a business emergency

Any business support or legal inquiries, competition or certification mentoring should be directed to our association leader, Christein Sertzel, via email at wisconsinpetstylists@gmail.com​