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       A Few Words About Ingredients
All of these products are composed of whole, organic and raw ingredients.  They do not contain any ingredients other than those listed in their description so you can feel safe and good about using them.  All product hues are produced by vegetable based food coloring. 
Purified reverse osmosis water was used to dilute the products if needed to maintain proper consistency and suspension.   
All plastic and glass packaging is post consumer whenever possible and completely recyclable.  
Each product is made fresh directly prior to shipping for the following day. This ensures not only freshness, but integrity of the ingredients for their healing properties.
Be sure that once you receive your products, you store them in a cool dark place, a refrigerator is best, keeping them sealed tightly. Be sure that when dipping in for an application, you use clean hands as to not introduce bacteria into the main product as these items contain no preservatives or additives.
All of these products are completely interchangeable and safe to use in different applications on pets. 
Remember that these products are in no way designed or offered to replace or diagnose needed medical care, and that any animal CAN have allergic or unfavorable reactions to any product, these products are not fail safe.  
I am not a Veterinarian, and am not offering medical advice or replacement care for true medical needs, or for any pre-existing or underlying medical conditions, nor can I be held responsible for either human or animal reactions to either these products or any individual ingredients contained within them.
Be sure to have a clear understanding of the animal’s medical history and physical state before applying any treatment for skin or coat, always working with your clients to offer encompassing and holistic grooming care.
Use your head, do good things… 
Be well.

 We proudly donate 10% of our annual yearly revenues to Gilda's Club of Madison, WI to help breast cancer survivors and their families.
Before- pressure sore on elbow
After- healthy and supple elbow
Before- dry, cracked & painful pads
After- healthy, plump and soft pads
Tea Tree & Peppermint Treatment
Immediately soothes irritated skin, use along with your other cleansing shampoos or during a cool rinse bath.  Wonderful for hot spots and abrasions. 
Works best at full strength, but can be diluted at 2:1. Not intended as an all over shampoo (for cost effectiveness).
Can be implemented as an antibacterial foot cleanser, works wonderfully for smelly, itchy, red allergy feet.
Ingredients: Liquid Castile Soap
        Melaleuca Oil 
      Pure Peppermint Oil
                        Evening Primrose Oil
Rosemary Water
   Olive Oil
Sizing and Prices:
4oz  $14
Cranberry & Oatmeal Wrap
Designed to be hand packed on problem areas such as reddened, dry, oily or combination areas.
Should be pressed against dry skin during the bath and coat and left to develop for 5 minutes for best results. Upon rinsing, light rubbing to aid in exfoliation gives great results.  Dilute with warm water to make a paste consistency, let sit for a minute to moisten oats and cranberries well through.  Can also be warmed in the microwave.
Can be triple diluted in purified water and implemented as a paw soak/scrub.
Ingredients: Rolled Organic Oats
    Purified Water
 Dried Powdered Whole Organic Milk
                    Minced Whole Cranberries
                    Chamomile Oil

Sizing & Prices:

​16oz    $15
Paw Massage Oil
Formulated to be rapidly absorbed by the paw pads while giving a paw massage.  Use a few drops on your fingers and massage deeply and slowly into the pads and webbing of the toes.  This is oil, so it will leave the hair coated, thus you may want to do this before the bath or during.  If the dog licks a little off its paws, as long as it isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients listed below, and it has been stored properly,
it will be safe.
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Vitamin E Oil

Sizing & Prices:

2oz    $18

*Please note, with all of these products you can safely try any of them on yourself directly to see the results.  However, for safety’s sake, do not allow them to get into your eyes or the pet’s eyes, do not allow the pet to eat them, do not eat them or drink them yourself, do not stray from the prescribed directions or mixtures and applications. Please do your research and use your head when using these products.  The creator of these products, assumes NO legal responsibility for misuse, allergic reactions or medical issues arising from the misuse of or hazardous handling of these products, neither wholey or separately.
Dead Sea Mineral Salts
Infused with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Majoram, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Vetiver and Helichrysium for a mellowing effect for any pet, and simply delightful to enjoy for the pet stylist as well!
Skin disorders are not the only thing that Dead Sea bath salts can help to cure, these can also help to relieve muscles and the tension in them, and while soaking, salts pull impurities from the skin. Most of all they are great for total rejuvenation of the canine body. The minerals in the dead sea bath salts are great from pore tightening as well, this adds to the vitality and youth of the skin and luster of the coat. And of course a soak in dead sea bath salts is great to alleviate pain and aches in the body.  
Simply add 1 Tablespoon of salts per 1 gallon of warm bath water, circulate with your hand until the crystals are disolved and allow your pet to soak in this warm bath for 5 minutes. Can also be utilized in a recirculation bathing system. 
Remember that any pet recieving a salt treatment should have constant access to fresh water for 24 hours after to aid in detoxification and restore natural body hydration.

Sizes & Pricing:

16oz    $20
Pad and Skin Emollient
Formulated for instant moisturizing and easy absorption, clean and refreshing essentials of Clary Sage, Vetiver, and Lemongrass are infused in a Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Aloe Leaf Base.  
Simply massage this lotion on any area such as a dry tummy, elbows, pads or inner thighs for instant relief of dryness and redness. 
Feel free to use some on your itchy bather's hands as well!
Ingredients:  Shea Butter
     Pure Aloe Gel
     Vitamin E Oil
     Essentials of Roman Chamomile,
            Helichrysum, Evening Primrose,
    Clary Sage, and Lemongrass                                  Infused Purified Water
                       Sizes & Pricing:

4oz    $20
Hot Spot Remedy Essential Oil
Wonderfully scented essential oil blend for direct application and massage on localized areas.  Formulated to aid in circulation and fast healing of lost tissue, while allowing the skin to breath.
Ingredients:  Essential Oils of Roman                                       Chamomile, Evening Primrose, Lavender, Geranium and                                    Helichrysium 
                     in a Jojoba carrier oil 

Sizes & Pricing: 

1oz    $25

Arthritis Relief Massage Oil
A relaxing scent and a tried and true remedy for localized pain due to all stages of arthritis.  
A blend of essentials to bring improved circulation, and to aid in pain relief with antispasmodic properties, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Try it for yourself on your aching hands and wrists for almost immediate relief.
Ingredients: a blend of Ginger Root, Lavender,                      Birch Bark, Juniper Berry,                                 Rosemary, and Peppermint Oils 
               in a Grape Seed and Arnica Infusion.

Sizes & Pricing:

    1oz    $25
Paw Balm
A rich and thick formula ointment to go on thick and stay put for deep conditioning and skin rejuvenation.  This special blended salve contains Avocado, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sunflower Seed oil, Peppermint and Rosemary Oil and Bisabolol for truly unrivalled skin protection and excellent deep scent.  
Simply rub this ointment onto the affected areas until it is absorbed, best results with daily application for 2-7 days in most cases. 
Feel free to try this on your own dry, cracked cuticles or irritated nail beds, or dry elbows.

         Sizes & Pricing:
          1oz    $16
Tea Tree & Peppermint Ear Cleanser
*Not to be used as a flush, but applied on a cotton ball and applied to the outer ear*
Formulated with Lavender and Witch Hazel, Melaleuca and Peppermint Oils to gently clean, soothe and freshen. Quickly breaks apart waxy build-up as well as preventing microbes from forming in pockets where bacteria and yeast infections begin.
Sizes & Pricing:

2oz $14
8oz. refill bottle $32
RELAX Herbal Bath Shaker
A delicate blend of dried herbals to shake into  warm bath water. Comes in a beautiful acrylic shatter-proof shaker jar for easy use.  
Ingredients:  Lavender
     Roman Chamomile
     Clary Sage

                                        Sizes & Pricing
                                 4oz    $12

All of my products do contain plant essences or whole raw herbals.
Please do your research on these healing modalities before working with your clients.

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Canine Spa Therapies 
Honey & Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Exfoliation is the key to fresh, healthy skin. Using an exfoliating sugar scrub can help to achieve smooth skin and more. The benefits of a natural sugar scrub go beyond just cleansing skin – the healing, hydrating properties found in a sugar scrub is perfect for all skin types and nearly all dermal issues.  Since our sugar scrub is all natural, there are no harsh side effects – this means you can use a sugar scrub no matter if the pet has oily, dry, combination or mature skin.  
After an initial bathing of the pet with your normal cleansing shampoo, rinse the pet completely with cool water and then apply a handful of sugar scrub on long or densely-coated dogs to the wet, clean skin of the tummy, elbows, groin or inner thighs.  Massage this gently in circular motion over the localized area and then rinse thoroughly.  On shorter coated dogs you can apply the scrub by hand over the entire dog with exception to the immediate areas around the eyes.  Rub this all over the dog in small circular motions, starting at the dog's head and working down the dog and toward the dog's rear.  Be very sure to rinse the pet with cool water completely to remove all of the sugar.  After rinsing off your sugar scrub, the skin's dead flakes and destroyed cells as well as dirt trapped within the hair follicles will be removed and the dog's skin will feel refreshed, softened and supple.
Ingredients: Raw Cane Sugar, locally                   grown Organic Clover Honey, pure                     Vanilla Extract for scent

             Prices & Sizing:

16oz    $20

Paw Scrub and Antibacterial Cleanser
Decadent scents and essences of Lemongrass, Aloe, Sage, Ginger and Green Tea are infused in a liguid Castile Soap base, coupled with Willow and Neroli to aid in circulation and lessening inflammation.  Added to this are nature's little answer to light exfolliation- blueberry seeds.  This formulation also can be used effectively to help clear up excessive breakouts of skin issues like stud tail and Schnauzer back.  Simply add a dollop directly onto the pads, or onto the dog's areas of ailing skin and work gently into a rich lather. Allow to sit for a minute or two and rinse. A great addition to your skin & coat care packages.
Sizes & Pricing:

4oz    $16
Retail spa package boxes come packed full and very pretty!
"Thank You for all that you do, [your products] fixed my pup's skin right up! "
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Renewal Shampoo
This shampoo blend is designed for use on all symptomatic canine coats.  It should be used full strength, but can also be used in a recirc. system with great results and minimal sudsing. This shampoo can be applied to a localized area or to the entire pet to provide immediate relief, amazing soft and shiny coat and lasting healing results for such common skin issues as:
oily and odorous coats
crusty or waxeous skin buildup
yeast overproduction
combination coats- which are oily but with skin flakes
lackluster or sparse coat
swollen or redened skin and localized skin eruptions 
secondary allergic skin response 
comedos or blackheads
recovery from mange
recovery from ringworm
regrowth of lost coat following pregnancy or surgery stress 

 While this shampoo is best used full strength, and it is most helpful as part of a topical conditioning program to help reverse symptoms and normalize the skin and coat where the pet is seen regularly in the salon for grooming- upon the first use, you will see immediate skin response results. 

It is not a tearless formula shampoo.  Since this product contains only whole ingredients, thoroughly shaking the bottle before each use is a must as the product settles. Seal tightly and store in a cool place.
Ingredients: Deionized water, liquid castile soap, soap bark, extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil, Dead Sea salts, organic pure aloe vera juice, and Helichrysum oil.

Relax Blend also contains: unadulterated essentials of basil, sage, green tea and sandalwood.
Refresh Blend also contains: unadulterated essentials of lemon, tangerine, mango, and lime.

Sizes and pricing:

8oz           $12
Gallon size no longer available