Certification Testing & Title Attainment
For many of us who did not graduate from an accredited grooming school, our careers began as an apprentice to another groomer, some of us learned on our own, and some others attended and certified through a school that is no longer active.  For everyone- but especially those is these situations- we believe that the learning and certification opportunities should be available close to your home to make them more attainable to you.  Whether it has been some time since your last learning seminar, or you want to stay informed and educated on the current breed standards and grooming techniques, or you just need to feed your competitive side- our program offers many opportunities at gaining knowledge about all aspects within our industry.  We've included breed styling, safety, CPR & first aid, tool usage & maintenance, shampoos & conditioners, and topical product usage.  And, if you are just starting out, business practices, business trends & features and income growth opportunities.  As well as the fact that gaining professional certification makes you highly marketable and progressive within your field. Our Association believes in providing as much sound and factual information to our Members as possible.  If you decide to embark on your Master Written Exam and your Practical Testing, the certificate that you receive is given only to those stylists with definite ability and true artisanship, and most of all- love of what they do.  We do have a thorough certification process, and we take great pride in knowing that our graduating stylists have taken something away from the test sites much more than a certificate- they leave knowing that they have just taken a part of themselves and their careers to the next level. The overall goal of our program is to give stylists a foundation of knowledge and skills testing that is comparable to national organizations-all encompassing- and in turn will raise the bar of professionalism within our industry for our state and our clients as a whole.  We currently are planning to have a written test workshop for members interested in attaining their Wisconsin Certified Master Companion Stylist status through our Association.  This testing and certification course is offered only to our members in good standing with our Association. The test will average most applicants a period of two hours.  If you believe that you are interested in furthering your certification status and your grooming knowledge we urge you to take part in this program.  Simply email us with your interest so that we can plan your test placement, arrange fee allocation, and send you a study guide.  Please know that our written testing is done either one on one when possible or as part of a participating group in a quiet, professional setting with the results decided the day of testing so there is no wait.  The course fees for this Written Master Exam are  $65.00 , and a study guide is available once you have started your certification, the fees for the study guides are now free .  The fees for your Practical BreedsTest is $120.00 plus mileage to your salon if you are not driving to a testing site. That makes the fees for your WCMCS a total of  $185.00.  
We are a non-profit group, so your proctors make no profits from certifying- your fees go towards the costs of producing your testing materials & awards.  Testing is available only to those members with current Associate Membership status- meaning that your membership must be current to participate.  It has been decided that all members achieving WCMCS status will NOT be required to pay additional fees to maintain this title.  We hope that you will benefit from being a member or our Association and want to continue your involvement with us past your Master Companion Stylist certification!